Extend your social reach
Activate your content in a social shopping network. Get more followers and increase exposure and revenues from post in Creddly and on your blog.

Make your posts interactive
We will soon launch functionality to make you pictures interactive and let your followers find and shop products with a simple click directly from you blog.

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Retail & Brands

Engage your customers with personal deals
Creddly Deal Maker is a game changing customer engagement tool. Offer personal deals on the products you know your customers want to increase their loyalty

Get Social, drive sales & multiply exposure
Creddly links products in ads or any type of media or store, and multiplies exposure in a dedicated social shopping community

Know exactly how people respond
Creddly’s analytics tool tracks every move of your customers, to let you know how to better address their desires and behaviors, and optimize your impact

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Interactive print media
Creddly makes print publications interactive by linking ads and editorial content to a social shopping community where readers can ad products to wish lists that they share with friends.

Unify channels in one shopping experience
Creddly closes the gap between online and offline platforms, and between stores, ads and editorials to create a consistent experience for both shoppers and partners.

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